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Gay teen porn with Joey Mills and Evan Parker

Introducing Joey Mills is a gay teen movie that stars two handsome twinks, Joey Mills and Evan Parker. It has been produced by Helix Studios, one of the most famous filmmakers of ‘young twinks fucking hard” sex videos.

The Gay Pornstars

Joey Mills is a handsome young porn star from Saint Louis, MO, and immediately he was legal, he considered getting his gay movie to the market. Joey is aged eighteen years, and after participating in two porn movies already, he is almost becoming a major porn star. He has a gentle slim body, a kind of baby face, and a butthole that wishes to be fucked 24-hours every day.
Joey mills has brown hair and 5-feet 9-inches tall, innocent, and sweet blue looking eyes, and he is handy with a 7-inch dick and has huge balls that have a lot of cum.

On the other hand, Evan Parker is a handsome 18-year old twink with a gentler swimmer’s body. Although he has only eighteen years, he has already starred in many porn movies for Helix Studios. This stars Parker breaking in another amateur, Sean Ford. Evan Parker is 5-feet 8-inches tall with brownish hair, best juicy 7-inch-thick cock, and sexy blue eyes.
The movie

Parker welcomes Joey to California by gently breaking him. He asks him queries about what made him get into sex films as well as his sex life. The movie’s introduction is short and brief, as the chat of hot fuck makes these porn stars grow a hard boner in their boxers. They get into Evan’s bungalow, where the chat ends, and the horny and hot action begins.

They get up and kiss passionately in Parker’s bedroom, and while they kiss, they grind their butts into each other’s. They feel their young, hard dicks under their pants grinding over each other’s, and their attires begin coming off. Parker wants to taste and eat every part of Joey’s tender body and kisses his nipples and neck and carries on down. While he goes down on this former Pizza man, Parker caresses his sweet smooth butt, and slides his underwear down that frees Mills’ trapped hard-on.
Mills gets to sit on the back and leans back while Parker hits on his thick dick. He looks into Parker’s sexy blue eyes as Parker licks around his glossy knob head. He moans with enthusiasm and closes his eyes as Parker sucks his cock. Parker takes that dick all the way down his avaricious throat and, at the same time, plays with Mills’ big balls.

Helix Studios has the best porn

Within no time, they get into the 69 position where Mills gives Parker an incredible blowjob, and Parker starts sucking his tight butthole – one of the bets scene from Helix Studios. You can hear the gulping off dicks being sucked, and there is a wonderful lock up of Parker unlocking up that butthole, and poking his tongue to his level best.

With his butt soaking wet, Mills lies on his side with his laps up. Parker kneels and the divan, and gently, we watch his thick cock sliding into that tender butthole. Joey ends up getting his butthole drilled deep in various erotic positions. He keeps stroking on Parker’s cock and playing with the balls as Parker fucks him. He cannot stop moaning with excitement, and quite soon, both of these cute twinks shoot out a heavy creamy cum.

Helix Studios are popular for bringing new porn stars to gay porn, and they have an incredible reputation for picking the top. Joe is a natural, and his groans and moans as he gets his butthole drilled are honestly, not fake. I am assured that we will soon be back for more, and we can watch more of his gentle tight crack, and fantastic cock drill someone’s ass deeply. Download all Helix videos here

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Hot on Wheels – Best rated teen porn video on Helix Studios

Have you ever been deceived on the internet? ‘Hot on Wheels’ the new hardcore movie filmed by Helix Studios and released by ‘Helix Porn‘ is all about that. All exclusive star to Helix, Ryan Bailey and big dicked Sean Ford are about to blow you away as they star in this cock jerking hardcore fantasy.
How many people have spoken to someone on line and invited them over only to find they are somebody completely different?
I remember many years ago when CB radios were all the rage. Everyone would give themselves nicknames (they were called handles) mine was ‘Rubber lips’ for obvious reasons. I would go to a woman’s house, and man! Was she big or what. She called herself ‘Passion flower’, she would speak sexy on the CB, but when people came around to see her, I would laugh my head off as they would just about run for their lives.
Well, the updated version I suppose is the internet. People seem to lie all the time about who they are, especially when looking for sex. This is the story about how Ryan Bailey and Sean Ford get it together with a bit of mistaken identity on a chat page.

Storyline of the movie

Sean Ford is chatting on line to a beautiful hot blonde. She has agreed to come over for sex, and he tells her that his nine inch cock is rock hard for her. He is feeling desperate for a fuck, and he tells his roommate that he has to get out of the house.
There is a knock on the door, and as Sean answers it, he is shocked to see a guy standing there.
‘Hi, I’m Ryan.’ Says Ryan Bailey with his trendy haircut and sweet innocent smile. Sean looks surprised and asks him who he is. Ryan tells him that he has just been speaking to him on the internet and told him he was coming round. Sean looks shocked and tells him that he was talking to a girl, not a guy. Ryan (who isn’t so innocent after all and would even give the devil himself a raging hard-on) explains to him that he must have been looking at his profile picture instead of reading his profile. His profile is of his ex-girlfriend, and he finds using that makes it easier to talk other men.
Sean tells Ryan that he is straight, but Ryan tells him that if he still has a hard cock, then he can help. Sean isn’t too sure about this as he has never been with another guy before. Ryan talks him into it, ‘a blowjob maybe then’ he suggests.
The movie has only just started, and within three minutes Ryan has Sean’s nine inch hard dick in the palm of his hand as he kneels down in front of him. Ryan opens his mouth and deep throats his cock almost straight away. Sean, like all straight men, can’t believe how good it feels to have another guy’s wet mouth wrapped around his cock. Ryan pulls his pants down as he jerks on his own cock at the same time as Sean begins to face fuck him.
Ryan then stands up as Sean gets on his knees and starts sucking on his first ever cock. Ryan tells him what to do, and Sean is soon sucking and kissing on his heavy balls before he goes back up to his erection. He is so good in fact, that he soon has Ryan moaning and groaning with total pleasure.
Ryan asks Sean if he would like to fuck him, Sean is more than up for it, and Ryan is soon on his hands and knees in the submissive position. Sean stands behind him, rolls on a condom, and slides his cock deep into that beautiful tight asshole.
Ryan is soon moaning in lust again as Sean slaps his ass and fucks him as deep as he can go. He starts off slow, but soon ploughs his cock harder and harder into him. Ryan rides on top of his cock for a while, and then Sean fucks him in the missionary position. With Sean still drilling him hard, Ryan Bailey shoots his cum all over his lovely young body. Sean Ford then shoots his first load of cum for Helix and his sticky thick cum joins Ryan’s.

The Gay Teen Models

Ryan Bailey is an all exclusive star to Helix Studios and has starred in 18 twink movies with them so far. He is a true gay teen porn star, and is known all over the world. It seems that if you haven’t fucked him as yet, than you must be one of the very few. He is a fucking machine which isn’t bad for a straight guy.
One of the movies he is in is ‘5 Years In The Making.’ This movie stars another all exclusive star to Helix, and that is Corbin Colby. Both guys have worked in the industry for years, but this is the first movie that they have been in together. It’s like the land of the Gods.
Ryan is a versatile young man with a seven and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair and sexy brown eyes. He is five foot six inches tall and weighs 135 pounds.

This is Sean Ford’s first hardcore movie with Helix Porn, and I for one would love to see more of him. He is rather handsome with a nicely toned body. He is versatile (would love to see him getting his ass drilled) with a nine inch cut cock. He is Five feet eleven inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

The Site

‘Helix Studios’ has 435 hardcore movies and is part of the Helix gay porn network. The movies are all of the best quality and are regularly updated. ‘Helix’ is all about getting a gay teens between the sheets. It’s a big fantasy for loads of gay men. The guys are in their 20s.
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‘Helix’ is an amazing horny sight set on getting as many straight guys into bed as possible. I mean, who out there hasn’t fantasized about having sex with their best friend, or even a barman or just a stranger in the street? They bring fantasy to reality and with best quality pictures and the best guys, you can’t go wrong by becoming a full member of the Helix network. Get daily update at twitter or their blog.

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Helix Porn sets out to be something special in the art of twink movie making… and it is. It combines lush and lovely 18 + teens and twink with the occasional jocks and puts them into well-made and good looking hardcore movies. There are some older solos with amateur teen guys but recently we’ve been looking at your more classic twink porn star kind-a guy. There are even some who have gone on to be porn stars so you may recognise a few. The action is solo and/or hardcore, the viewing options are great these days with 1080p HD available, and the site comes with access to all 16 Helix for a great big bonus. Click Here To Lean More About Helix Studios
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